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RevUp Fitness is a vision me and my best friend promised together, to not only bring out exclusive and unique clothing items and fitness gear...but to also usher in a culture of change by using our marketing skills to enable other fitness professionals to spread their message.

We are not just another site trying to make a profit. We are in this together. To be leaders in a fitness movement...our generation has to lead.

Curtis aka FitWithCJ

RevUp Fitness not an over night idea, it's an emotional , passion and drive for fitness & health I've felt for years.

Growing up as a child, my father struggled with health due to years of poor eating habits, along with faults and what I believe are hidden mis-truths in our health system. My father grew up in the southern Untied States in the state of Alabama. Poor eating habits of his parents were passed to him, and at the time, education on fitness and the health were not as easily accessible to him for a number of reasons. In his later years my father lived many years in pain with many bodily ailments and lost a long battle with cancer.

A few years later, I not only discovered the importance of eating healthy foods and exercise, and also that I could not only just delay the "genetics" and what most people will say is my destiny, but entirely reverse it all together and break the trend of generations before me. I made a promise to myself determined to not struggle with the same issues as my beloved father and begin a new path of a fit lifestyle.

Being engaged in many fitness activities frequently and in the gym 4, 5 and sometimes 6 times a week, I began to buy a lot of "active wear". I now have more Fitness related clothing then I do anything else in my closet. If you are reading this you more then likely are the same way.

Marquiste aka Side Hustle Mentor

"Get better every day..."

That is my motto. For years, I had struggled with staying motivated and taking health as priority. Perhaps you have been there with me?

Especially if you are working your ass off every day at a tough day job, the motivation is wheeeeeew...tough!

Being the Corporate Couch Potato is what I called it...But, the last thing you want to do is work yourself into an early grave.

Now, I have joined with my best friend to push ourselves together past any boundaries and blend our love of fitness and fresh apparel in everything we do. 

Join Us! Take a vow today. Get better every day, and live the best years of your life... in the best shape of your life.

Let's feel good and look good. We are going to make a difference. One workout at a time.

Fitness Without Boundaries...

- Curtis W Jr Co-Owner
- Marquiste Boyce Co-Owner